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ALPACA paradise


Farm Tours

See what the alpaca life is all about as you take a tour of the farm where you will be guided into multiple pastures to meet and feed our lovely alpacas, llamas and all the rest of our amazing animals. Don't you worry, we're highly trained to make sure you get that perfect shot for the gram. #canzellealpacas


The Herd

ALPACAS, LLAMAS, HORSES, SHEEP, Dogs, Chickens, Oh my!

Our herd is our family. Along with the 40+ award winning alpacas, we have all

sorts of awesome friends on the farm. Our two Llamas (Eileen & Inky)

look after the herd and stand guard all day. Our two dogs who are Anatolian Shepherds (Atticus and Jojo) look after the herd at night! Our two gelding 

horses (Belmonte and Caudio) are both Peruvian Pasos - our old boys have been with us for over 15 years. Timmy, our black sheep of the family, (seriously - he's a black sheep) arrived in style from an old friend curing a COVID crisis. You'll always see our flock of Peahens and Pepe, our spectacular Peacock running around the farm. If you're lucky you can see Pepe spread his feathers!  Our chickens are the newest addition to the family who were a Christmas present to the grandchildren -  we now have fresh eggs for the family and friends each morning! 


The Farm

A little slice of

California paradise

Canzelle Alpacas is nestled in the foothills above the beach town of Carpinteria, California. Carp is known for their annual avocado festival and is home to 'The safest beach in the US'. We are just 20 minutes from Santa Barbara and 1.5 hrs from LA - Carp also has many celebrity neighbors including Ellen DeGeneres, Kevin Costner, George Lucas, Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis!

The Abbot Family were the original owners of the farm when the house was built in the early 1920's. Originally, the farm was a citrus grove with over 500 orange trees.

The Lonson family moved here in 2002 to house our family and to grow the 

alpaca business. Out went the citrus grove and in went our Redwood barns and alpaca pastures!  In 2015 we planted 250 avocado trees which started producing

fruit in just 3 years! Our location, overlooking the beautiful channel islands is

our own slice of paradise.

We are very blessed to call this place home. 


THE Store

The Store

bring home an alpaca
gift to remember

Our store is stocked with alpaca-everything! 

Scarves, blankets, socks, stuffed animals, pens, keychains, bags, hats, gloves and more.

We also have a special collection of yarn and roving in many (natural) colors.

The store is only open to our visiting tour guests.


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